Myths and Facts When It Comes To Hiring A Home Inspector

Myths and Facts When It Comes To Hiring A Home Inspector

Myth – A VA appraiser is an inspector. Fact – They represent the bank their role is to protect the bank’s interest. Did you know a VA appraiser does not have to have power or utilities on to do their job.

Fact – The home inspector works for you the buyer or if it is a seller’s inspection for you the seller.

Myth – The job Superintendent at the walkthrough has your best interests at heart.

Fact – Remember they work for the Builder they have to work within certain guidelines as set by their boss.

Myth – New construction does not need an inspection.

Fact – I often find multiple issues with new construction, things from appliances not working, water pressure too high, lack of proper ventilation in the attic, and incorrect size on the HVAC systems.

Fact – Not all home inspectors are created equally. If you are hiring based just on price you would typically get what you pay for.

Fact – At All Star Home Inspections we are always educating ourselves on how to serve you better and give you the best possible home inspection. While price can be a factor in hiring a home inspector; look at the bigger picture. What do they bring to the table?

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