Tips and Tricks To Maintain Your Home

Fall Is Arriving Is Your Home Ready?

It is about that time of year for camping, football and cooler weather. Is your home ready for the season ahead? To help you I have listed below some helpful hints. Remember some maintenance such as cleaning your AC and Heating system requires special skills and should only be done by a licensed contractor. When in doubt hire a professional. This list only represents some items that your home may need to have done. Maintenance is an every day thing; take care of the little things before they become larger expenses.

1) Check your home for water leaks, especially under the home. If you do not like to crawl under the home, most inspectors will do a partial plumbing inspection for you for a small fee. (Remember most insurance companies do not cover damages caused by a leak over time.)
2) Have a heating professional check your heat system to get it ready for winter this cost should not exceed $130.00.
3) Replace worn faucet washers and change out filters for home and refrigerators.
4) Inspect all of your outdoor extension cords to make sure they are in tip top shape.
5) Check the exterior of the home, make sure all wood siding is sealed and painted, caulk around windows as needed especially at the base of door jambs.
6) Check that exterior ground faults are in working order. Just push the test button.
7) Clean and check windows and screens in preparation for those days you will have windows open.
8) Protect your home from frozen pipes.
9) Run all gas-powered lawn equipment until the fuel is gone or add a fuel additive that is recommended by your lawn and garden center such as Wallace and Sons of Thomson.
10) Check your smoke detectors and remember to change batteries at least once a year.
11) Check your ac filter every time you pay your mortgage payment and replace it as needed. If you have a 60 day filter and in 30 days it is dirty replace it and change it to a 30 day filter. Why spend the money on a 60 day filter if it is only lasting 30 days.
12) Have a certified chimney sweet inspect and clean the flues and check your fireplace damper.
13) Clean dryer vent duct. Remember trapped lint can become a fire hazard.
14) Get ready to winterize your swimming pool.
15) Put weed pre-emergence down by September 21st
16) Last fertilization of roses with 10-10-10 by mid September
17) Plant your fall vegetables